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Shiva Linga Puja at home

Special Thanks to Capt JS Chauhan and his gurus to show us all ignorent people right path to the supreme Lord...

Except parad or narmedshwar shiv lingam no other form of shiv lingam should be worshipped at home. 

Narmedeshwar/bana linga, means which has been made of natural narmada stone in form of lingam. Narmada stones are very cheap but are only stones which are blessed by lord shiva himself that all stones from Narmada River near Omkareshwar in MP are equal to my full fleged shiv lingams.
Else you have to do pran-pratishta which is very cumbersome affair and cannot be used in home. When you do pran-prathista then shiv ling cannot be moved from the place of stapanna, as all rituals as per hindu vedic rituals are to be done as being done in temples. So you cannot place shiv lingam in home as you do sex, eat non-veg and do other natural calls in your home, so you not creating pure atmosphere thereby inviting lord's wrath unknowingly. PRANPRATHISTHA SHIVLINGAM cannot be removed from one place to another as even a cm movement will entail GOD'S PRAN-VAYU leaving idol at-once.Thats why I preach worshipping of BAANLINGAM (NARMADA) as SHIVA LORD blessed that he will remain in it eternally so there is no rules of movement of idol. 

Narmedshwar Linga are dark grey colour stones in a shape of lingam where on top there is one red patch similar to a man's lingam with a line joining from forehead to down. They are very mostly get them in ujjain, om kareshwar or at haridwar. Costing from 50 rs to 500 rs at most depending on size. Size of lingam or any idol for home puja should not exceeed breadth of your three right hand fingers joined together. You can get from various websites selling the shiv puja items.

Snake & Nandi is must with shivlingam always. Copper/silver/gold NAAG and Nandai of aast dhatu or marble stone is a MUST. If possible put Ganpati, Parvati & Kartikeya also in front of lingam. Parvati in centre facing shiv lingam. Ganpati on right side of  Parvati and Kartikeya on left. Snake on Linga should face either north or east.

Yoni part of Lingam ie. Place from where water poured on Lingam is drained - should face North or East.

All five means : lord shiva, maa parvati, ganesh, kartikeya and nandi called as panch mahadev. Since in your home you will like the blessings from them as a full family couple, you will get so.
But if you desire to lift away from material gains then only you should do puja of single form of lord, but then also Nandi and Snake is must. See you will get in return accordingly in what and in which form you worship lord, so safe bet is in full-family form.

Narmedeswar shiv lingas are considered to very auspicious as they are made naturally in the river bed. It is believed that where there is narmedswar shivling lord shiva resides there; narmedswar shivlinga is a must in every home.

Other shiv lingam cannot be kept in home and to be put in rivers and lakes after completion of their puja.
Secondly, only narmedeshwars do not require any pranpratishta - means getting soul of god in the stone lingam by mantras and is fully capable of giving full blessings as equal to temple puja.
Point here is. Outside city or village limits shiv-lingam and nandi are must. Whereas in home puja 5 deities are being mandatory: shiva, parvati, ganesha, kartikeya and nandi.

Do not put tulsi leaves as gods do not accept it. Put three leaves intact bel (bilave) leaves facing away from you on top of lingam.

Do not use packet or pasteurised harmonised milk as boiled milk is forbidden in puja, as packet milk are pasteurized which involves heating therefore it is not suitable for shiv puja but curd made out of it can be used for puja. Best is to use raw chilled and fresh cow milk of wheatish colour cow (brown coloured).
Use very ice cool water and milk as lord loves snow to keep him cool use white til for puja.

After puja do not throw oblations any where except running river, lakes or sea. If it is not possible put it in flower pots of home or trees except tulsi and peepal.

Never consume anything which has been offered to shiv lingam, it brings bad omen illness, loss of money and luck. But u can have if it is from given specifically by priest as you cannot refuse or from shiv murti or idol.

You can offer coconut, but not coconut water, especially on shiv-lingam.

Every thing offered on shiv lingam is called nirmalaya. which is forbidden to be consumed or put in any where except in rivers,lakes and sea. Until and unless somebody else offer you by priests. From murti's that is shiv idol you can consume anything. Whole shiv-mahiman stotra revolves around this fact,when gandharva called mahiman lost his everything by inadvertently disrespecting shiv-nirmalaya

Best vibhuti for shiv puja is burned ash of human body pyre...which is difficult to obtain so pls use white normal sandal wood or asta gandha for putting three tripund marking on shiv lingam. These are available in all puja shop's specially in karnataka emporium.
Never smell any flower or sandal wood or scent which you intend to offer to lord as by doing so you yourself are using it and a used item is not permitted in puja.

Woman are allowed shiv puja by putting water and flowers, except touching of shiv lingam is prohibited to woman as only wife of lord shiva is only lady permitted that puja

If you already have a shive linga other than parad or narmedshwar lingam then please don’t keep near or below tulsi plant . Peepal is very good. Ideal is bel tree. Or do a normal puja as above on any banks of river/sea and after doing shamayachana immerse the linga.

You can immerse all sand idols after doing their mental puja with asking prayer - aahwanam na janami najanami visaarjanam,puja karm na janami shamyantam parmeshwaram or parmeshwari,mantra heenam kriya heenam bhakhtiheenam sureshwaram/sureshwari yat pujitayam maya kshamyantam parmeshwaram/parmeshwari... As deemed fit, to excuse any of your fault knowingly or unknowingly....immerse them in any flowing river or sea.

In fast you can eat only once in day only in afternoon's but before sunset.
If you are continuous in fasting then even salt is permitted but should be white rock salt not sea salt. If you are keeping numbered fast then only sweet or non-salt food is consumed.

In the evening just light lamp and dhoop (incense stick) in front of lord and offer flowers.

Flower offerings - never offer ketaki flower to god or coconut water. best are mandaar pushpa or dhatura's

Never offer kevada (screw-pine)flower and champa flowers as they are cursed by lord and narad rishi in past.

These are most favourite shiv puja WHITE flowers, please use them but not after they fall on earth. 

Ber or Jujube Fruit is also offered to Lord Shiva, as it is symbolic of longevity and gratification of desire.

Doing abhishek has to be with with naag-yoni stand, in a gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze vessels, don’t use steel or iron vessel as they are preferred in dead man pooja and rituals.

Please don’t pour shiv-abhishek water in is a sin you are doing un-knowingly,but cannot be forgiven by tulsi(vranda) as only water of shali-gram goes to tulsi.

No tulsi to ganesh, parvati & shiva please

Only narmadeshwar lingam and original gandaki river shaligram are blessed to give full puja effects and need not to have pran-prathistha (putting a live part of soul of particular god) in them.

To ganpati & parvati  only kummkumm haldi.
No kummkumm haldi to lord shiva
Put bel patram intact with three leaves and danthal facing top and towards you. Flowers of white is white lotus flower.

You can use as many as idols of lord ganesh in your house,except in your mandir or regular puja sthan where only two (02) idols are permitted and are good,it is similarly for any god.

Abhishek water of all gods needs to be removed at once and can be stored in any other vessel for further disposal as per procedure. Do not keep your god's feet wet as they will not move to help you as in water they wait for you to complete charan praksahlaya as you other guest do when they arrive in your house.

Do not use steel or iron pots for puja, use brass, silver, copper, gold or aastdhaatoo vessels. Similarly idols of gods should be asstdhatoo are best,then bronze.


For married couples specially the pradosh fasting and puja on regular basis is very very good for blissful and happy married life,always start this puja on pradosh falling on somvar and specially in waxing moon phase or called as shukla paksh,but if monday pradosh is not falling in near months and you want to start then start with any shukal paksh pradosh day.

Unmarried women:16 monday fasts for good husband and happy married life.

Friday vrats for married women to pls goddess laxmi/shakti.

Men:somvar /mangalvar /thursday vrats or just pouring regular cow milk and water on shivlingam on mondays and offering on tuesdays a kesar ladoo tulsi mix prasad to maruti/anjanayea /hanuman will ward off all evils.

Shiv puja if done in continious for 40 days and more is very beneficial. If at all you miss out puja offer manas-puja of same diety post morning routines and bath and offer flowers in your mind to is also acceptable as per shastra's.

Narmedeswar shiv lingas puja process:-

Before starting the puja, the devotee takes a bath and wear freshly washed clothes.

Monday is the day of shiv puja.
This puja is very very effective on triyodashi (pradosh) from sunset to one hour post sunset as that day his lordship shiva sits with full family and dedicate his time to bakhts otherwise he is always remain spiritually inclined and do not like the disturbances in his meditation.

Best is to read shiv mahiman stotra's or panchakshar while doing puja or any time

First puja of Ganesh and Parvati and they should face west towards shiv-lingam. Face of nag towards north direction. Nandi facing east and you sitting behind nandi

First ring bell or counch, then light incense or dhoop and lamp to wake up lord.

Pure raw and chilled water preferably of any flowing seven sacred rivers but narmada & ganga are best. If you run short of gangaa jal then pour few drops of gangaajal in brass, copper, silver or gold vessel do not use steel or iron vessel as they are used in puja of dead ones. If at all you don’t have any water then just pour pure tap cold water either chilled in freezer but not mixed with any non-veg or drinking ice as lot of people use freezer for using ice for hard drinks, avoid that one. Then put your right hand ring finger touching the water and say - om gangee chai jamumayee chai, sraswati chai,godavari chai, narmada chai, sindhu chai, kaveri chai,jalasmeen sanindhamm kuru (you are calling all seven rivers in your vessel of water). Then pour three times some water on ground by puja spoon (not iron or steel),saying om...atam-tatav shodhiyami swaha,om...vidya-tatav shodhiyami swaha, om..shiv-tatav shodhiyaami swaha.

Now drink water three times from your right hand saying : om..govinday namah, om keshavaya madhavaya namayee....then wash your hand with water and pour little water on earth / soil for achmanyaa.

Now your water is pour of all defects of any kind and acceptable by gods, but you are still not clean and pour some water on yourself and other pooja items reciting:
"om apavitra-pavitro-va sarva-vastam gato api va yah smaret pundarikaksham sah bhayabhyantara suchih."

Now you are ready for the go except in shiv-puja do not use tulsi leaves and counch (shankh at all ) because he (shankhchud) was killed by the lord shiva and god(siva) do not like him.

Now place Narmadeshwar linga with Yoni stand on a gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze vessels.
First put pure untorn,unbroken fresh ,bel patra on shivlingam put it upside down meaning leaves are down and stem up. Centre leaf should be just in front and opposite to you.
Now pour continuous small steam of water of shiv-lingam saying om namay shivaye...keep repeating mantra till you pour water.

Then use panchamurt (any five - ghee, honey, curd, rose water, Raw cow milk, sugar/sugar cane juice, Ganga jal) , then cold water. Dry Linga and Yoni with a cloth only used for daily pooja.

Place Narmadeshwar Linga with Yoni stand back in pooja stan infront of nandi, then put scent on lingam, then put sandalwood paste (white only)

Make sure water from shiv lingam should not come under your or anybody's feet this water than has to be only poured in lakes, rivers, sea or plants...not to be consumed at all in any form, neither to be spilled so as it comes under some ones feet.

Then put white flowers shiva favourite and lamp a diya, kapoor and agaar bati or dhoop,

Offer what so ever food is made, then sweets and lastly pan supari beeda. offer lord some fresh seasonal fruits if you can and then give them to cow or a brahmin.

Do not forget dakshina even it may be one rupee, lord only loves your emotions and faith.

Do arti & 1/2 pradikshna(reverse mode),shastaang danvataam and ask your wish from lord & family, surely you shall be blessed

Initally it may appear a long process, but in few days it hardly takes five to seven minutes and I think that much you can take out for lord supreme...


  1. Hi .. Thank you for the information . just one query , Can a Parad shivling once placed in a home be moved from one place to another home.

    1. Dear Manav,

      It depends how you have placed any Idol at home. If pran Pratishtha is done than can not be removed and daily pooja is must with procedure. Or other wise you can shift with apologies.
      thanks / regards
      Ashutosh / Vaastu Consultant/ palmist / +91 8817576868

    2. भाई, एक बात बताओ. यदि प्राण-प्रतिष्ठा के पश्चात वह शिवलिंग को किसी ने दुसरे स्थान पर रख दिया उठाकर, तो इसका क्या परिणाम होता है ? ...शिव के प्राण-वायु का अंश निकल जायेगा यह तो समझ आया, परन्तु इसका उस व्यक्ति पर क्या प्रभाव होगा ?

      धन्यवाद. बहुत अच्छी ब्लॉग है.

  2. Hi Manav, Since I was not sure of the correct procedure so I posted your query to Capt Chauhan Sir on

    The reply from Capt Cahuhan Sir is quoted below, I am posting this on this blog so that all other Shiv bhakts can also clarify their doubts. The is the source of all the information on this blog, I had just made some efforts to consolidate the same so that all Shiva Bhakts can understand the entire procedure on one screen..

    Idol of GOD's are installed with PRAN-PRATHISTA in it and they are not moved from there as little,even mm movement will cause SOUL of DEITY residing in it to leave it permanently and it will be an ornamental piece only.This is applicable to all SHIV-LINGAM.

    Now coming to why NARMEDESHWAR can be moved is that ,NARMADA was blessed and given boon by LORD SHIVA PRATAKSHYA himself that..he will always reside in stones coming out of NARMADA IN NATURAL LINGAM FORM at a region called Shri-OMKARSHWAR ISLAND which is also OM Shaped,near INDORE in M.P.After this boon.these stones are formed by natural wear and tear by NARMADA WATER of GRANITE ROCKS at this place and wether you take them any where....LORD SHIVA always reside in it and accept PUJA in full form and they do not require any PRAN-PRATHISTHA of LORD SHIVA.

    PARAD is poison and poison is LIKED by lord ever it is not blessed to have soul of lord to reside in it,so once you install thereafter if you move it it is equal to desecrating IDOL and incur wrath of LORD SHIVA and will be devoid all blessings by God's of a person performing this act.

    This has been told by me in previous paras...but now you insisted for very finer details,which Lord desired to be answered by me..Hope it resolves your queries...OM NAMAY SHIVAYE !!!

  3. pls let me let me know white marbel shiv lingam is suitable for puja????....becz i have white marbel shiv...every monday i m doing the shiv purohit tells me that white marble shivlingam is suitable in it true?

    1. Detailed answers are available on this blog and also at..
      To summarize - at home only Narmadeshwar/Bana linga must be worshiped, no other forms of Shiva linga must be worshiped at home..

      You can immerse your idol after doing their mental puja, to excuse any of your fault knowingly or unknowingly....immerse them in any flowing river or sea.


  4. can i offer water to shiv ling in the evening? and i am a girl so what all should i do and not do while doing puja of shivling?

  5. Hi ,

    I have a bronze shiva lingam and planning to establish in home. I spoken to priest also. they said it is good to keep in my home.

    Can i go ahead with that?

  6. @Miss TanviGirls should not touch Lingam part of Shiv lingam but can offer flowers ,JAL and other things at base called yoni.Lord Shiva is abhishek priyam means any time abhishek by cool water and cow milk is acceptable to him.

    @ Vinu you can either trust yourself or this blog...we suggest please refrain from SHIV LINGAM Sthapna in your house and your doubts will be cleared if you read article in full and not in parts of it as once you do PRAN-PRATHISTHA to any other form of shiv lingam and start doing regular puja than you cannot move it and have to do all rituals followed in 16 step puja as in temples.So you have to take this risk depending upon ur dedication,devotion and cleanliness prevailing in your house.
    God bless...OM NAMAYE Shivaye !!!

    1. to dear sir me &my family reside in a society at Mumbai we have a shiv Mandir since6.2.70 my building is going for redevelopment .the ling is of marble whose pran prathistha had been done AS PER VEDIC SHASHTRA.The regular puja aarti & festivals are performed as per vedic rules without fail the mandir had been located at the north east corner my family is involved in temple seva from very begining the temple also has idols of full shiv parivar mataji ,hanumanji saibaba ji & radha krishna the comiittee is helpful but now have come out of opinion to re site the whole temple to south east corner basically without knowledge of their wrong doing please advice & help to stop this fault , no one of society has signed documents with any builder .IRVIN

  7. I am not really sure what narmadeshwar lingam is. But my parents have all black lingam is that the correct one? Also i have couple of question. I dont have a stand on the top of the lingam. Can I put the Lingam immersed in copper or silver pot? Will that be ok? Also we have a small nandi in silver will that be ok for the family to be complete? We want to do the correct Shiv lingam sthapna? Please guide me.

    1. The blogger had put up such a nice and beautiful picture of Narmadeshwer or Banalingams on face page of blog so there should not be any confusion as black color stones possessed by many hindu families were actually Shaligram's not Shivlingams.
      Read this blog in full will clear your doubt about Shivling puja.

  8. It is the devotion to god that gets you closer to him not all these ritutals. What is the point in one person being bad in his nature and still doing all the rituals as mentioned above. I think people should be practical when putting out these theories.

  9. I agree with Suresh,,,Lord Shiva do not differentiate between Bad and Good when it comes to grant of boons. An action which may be bad in eyes of devs that being perceived good by it is individual's own perceptions to think what is bad or good.
    Ravana being learned and bad by nature had blessings of Lord because of utmost devotion so how to accomplish devotion and please Lord Shiva is shown is all by oneself to call it rituals or waste of time but should not thrust his ideas to hurt others faith as people are finding respite from their small but complex daily faced problems by following small rituals.
    For example...even highly devoted wife must know how to please her husband and children by preparing their tasty food and other daily comforts for happy longevity of marriage(called rituals as advised by girls mother)..simple mental devotion wont suffice to keep married life balanced !!

  10. Hi, thanks for this informative article. I have a recently purchased a shiv lingam to start my sola somwar fasts. I have not yet stapith the lingam inside the house as I was advised not to. Can you please advise where else I can stapith the lingam and start the fasts from next Monday 11th March?Just want to get everything correct for this fasts as it means a lot to me and would like to do the prayers in a pure manner.any advise will be highly appreciated.

  11. The way it has been explained it clearly shows that you are just favouring narmada shivling. I have gone through some of the authenticated websites where in they have quoted the ancient scriptures which clearly states that there is no harm in moving parad shivling from one place to other.

    Check the link below

    this will give a clear indiciation. One more thing, please dont use such strong words such as wrath, punishment. Gods bestows everyone with all pleasures who worship whole heartedly. Not everyone on the earth would have the knowledge of pran prathisthpan and other rigorous activities.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The answer lies in your own contradictory explanation ..that it is very difficult for everyone to have knowledge of pranprathista and full rituals...that's why I insist on Narmada Shivlings as pure PARAD SHIVLINGAM is difficult to get and made by humans as not everyone is expert in RASAYAN SHASHTRA'S to make them...then you have to do Pranprathistha in them and do full puja vidhhi (which you Mr Suresh had previously quoted as difficult and rigorous for laymen.) Parad Shivlingams by nature are high energy level things which if mishandled is surely going to misfire apart from toxicity created by the mercury in homes where it is installed.

    Only Aghori Shastra is prescribed to do rituals of Parad Shivlings and there are many many FAKE of them circulating in market due to FAST and EASY BUCKS in comparison to cheap but rather ORIGINAL shivalingams originated from Narmada River giving boon ,blessing to my many average and poor Grahast readers.

    Therefore for most simple and easy Shiv Puja which essentially has to be in form of Shivlingam is only by acquiring and placing Narmada Shivalingam in home temples or pujasthans.Lord Shiva is easy to please by following these easy to follow rituals and lingam abhishek priyam..that's why numbered fasts and pradosh timings are prescribed for bakhts by all scriptures.

    Last but not least as even best of Prophets were unable to satiate the Human inquisitive nature so I am too small in knowledge and stature to satisfy everybody on this blog.
    Shiva being Lord of death and destruction is easy to please and to be annoyed.
    Lord by nature of agni tatva (fiery nature) destined to bring wrath and punishments as do our H'ble Judges of courts delivering their sentences despite being good humane by themselves.So you are asking me not to caution anyone from handling naked high voltage power lines and leave them at gr8 peril to learn from their personal experience...not recommended.

    Om Namaye Shivaye

  13. What is the exact procedure to worship the parad shivlinga? please help me out.

  14. I purchased a Shivling , Parad, from chinmaya mission powai
    I do not know which direction it should face, not worshipping it or keepign it in the house is out of the question

  15. Dears.. I'm from colombia (south america) and there aren't any temples here. I've got two little shiva lingams but is a mistake keeping them? It's impossible to get a shiva temple here. How could I make Lord Worship???
    Please help me

  16. If I have the Shiva Lingams...Must I get rid of them? Is that correct???

  17. Javier, keep the Shiva Lingams,
    make a Puja, respect them and care for them
    whatever is done with love will please God.

  18. Javier you can keep Shivlings as ornamental in showcase.Dont carry out pranprathista as thereafter You may inadvertently do certain mistakes known or unknown may only result in negative energy.Just offer white flowers to Lord everyday in morning.Lord will bless you !!

    1. Dear Capt: Thanks for your answer. But I don't know what pranprathista is. I just pray Lingam and put a little water on it every day, and on monday I do a humble water abhishekam. It's simple.

      Please tell me something

    2. Just offer white flowers on mondays after water bath.Dispose the water and flower after use in lakes,rivers or in plants pot execpt TULSI called Holy Basil.God will answer ur prayers !!

    3. Dear Capt:

      Thanks again. I beg you to tell me If it is neccesary putting water on Shivling. I've usually done, I've put some drops of water on Lord, but Shivling is peeling off. What to do??

  19. Can we offer crushed CAMPHOR to shiva lingam while abhishekam.

    1. Yes but before abhishek of water.

  20. I am establishing a temple in my factory area. What kind of Shiv Lingam, I should established for regular Puja? Pls infom me...

    1. Full family of Shiva consisting all 5 members in North or Nort east area or in exact centre of plot.

  21. भोले नाथ सबके साथ
    फिर क्या बात
    जोड़ो हाथ
    बोलो सब एकसाथ
    हर-हर महादेव
    बम-बम भोले
    देवों के देव हर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव

  22. भोले नाथ सबके साथ
    फिर क्या बात
    जोड़ो हाथ
    बोलो सब एकसाथ
    हर-हर महादेव
    बम-बम भोले
    देवों के देव हर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव

  23. भोले नाथ सबके साथ
    फिर क्या बात
    जोड़ो हाथ
    बोलो सब एकसाथ
    हर-हर महादेव
    बम-बम भोले
    देवों के देव हर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव
    हर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेवहर-हर महादेव

  24. hi my name is sneha i am into a relationship with one guy for past 4 and half year and now is parents are not ready for marriage.
    i want to marry him only and now i offer milk to shivji every monday bt i cant fast because i dnt want to reveal to my parents abt this so will he be happy. i really want to marry him.
    u are great devotee of shiv plz tell him wo listen me. plz sir
    who ever reads this plz prey for me this is only wish to marry him and live happy life so plz prey for me. god will bless every one.plz prey his parents should agree to marry me and where ever they are fixing should get cancelled plz

  25. Before starting this offer Lord Ganesha 21 full green Dura grass and 8 GUDD MODAK's with this KAMNAA of yours and you know how MOM listen to her beloved son recommendations.Sincerely pray to Maa PARVATI and Shiv baba in evening of PRADOSH days at specified time and offer Flowers,DIYA,GANGAJAL-MILK ABHISHEK ON SHIVLINGAM,Mangal(suhag) items to Maa Jagdambaa and BEL patra LEAVES n flowers to LORD SHIVA.
    Dont miss this SHRAVAN for their puja.You can start Monday puja and first PRADOSH is coming 20 JULY as SHANI-PRADOSH....SO dont miss your bus and Maa and Baba will sure bless you with best person AS your life partner(Husband for you)...that may be him now or someone made for you in known to GOD's....but you will be blessed and happy for sure...OM NAMAYE SHIVAYE !!!

  26. Sir i have a Narmadeshwar Shivling at home. off and on, i do its puja by offering water and bel leaves? but not regularly. Will it harm me?
    please advise

  27. There is no harm..but continuity is advisable as 40 days continious puja is considered good if done with some specific purpose in mind.
    We cannot see our convenience as PRIORITY all the time specially with Lord of Universe !! KUCCH PANEE KE LIYEE KUCCH AARAM KHONAA PATDAA HAI...this is KARMA Rules clarified by Lord KRISHNA to Arjun in GEETA up to you...God Bless !!!

  28. Pradosham is a day of importance for Shiva and is considered an opportunity to remove negative karma. Pradosham occurs twice every month once during the growing moon period and once during the waning moon period. Praying to Lord Shiva sincerely during that auspicious time is believed to free everyone from their sins, hence the name Pradosha, remover of dosha / Karma. The most auspicious Pradosham are Sani Pradosham (Pradosham that occurs on Saturday) and Somavara Pradosham (Pradosham that occurs on Monday). Saturn pradosham and Somavara pradosham are called as Maha pradosham

    Saturn Pradosham:

    Saturn is one of the most powerful Planets. He moves slowly through the zodiac, 2-1/2 years per sign, so his influence is felt very keenly. Saturn's grace creates Kings from paupers and vice versa. Because Saturday is the day ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is a form of Shiva, when Pradosham falls on a Saturday the rituals done to remove karma and receive Saturn's grace are greatly amplified.

    Somavaram Pradosham:

    One of the names of Lord Shiva is Soma, Lord Someshvara, who has placed the Crescent (the Moon / the Soma) in his matted hair. Somavara (Mondays) are very auspicious for Lord Shiva. Moreover Soma means – Saha Uma (Goddess Parvathi). Mondays are not only for Lord Shiva but also very auspicious for Goddess Parvathi. Hence offering poojas on Pradosham’s occurring on Mondays not only helps you in gaining the abundant blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi but also enables one to negate the malefic effects caused by Chandra Dosha (afflictions caused by the Moon). Another fierce form of Shiva is Rudra. Rudra's grace can eliminate disease, enemies, and destructive negative influences from within and without. As a form of Shiva, the rituals done on a Saturday Pradosham or Monday Pradosham are also extremely auspicious for Rudra (Lord Shiva).

  29. The original Kashi Vishwanath temple is the present gnan vapi mosque and within this old temple namaaj is offered by muslims IN PREMISES EXECPT the main hall.
    However, all the walls of the old temple were kept in tact upto say one feet at the base level and the new masjid wall was constructed over it. so a pradakshinam of this mosque would help any shiv bhakt find traces of the original kashi vishwanath temple where images of gods and goddesses were engraved.
    Even the old nandi (bull) of the original temple was left undestroyed which is facing the present mosque. but thankfully this nandi is outside the masjid complex and all shiv bhakts can touch it and feel the positive vibrations of the original old temple and imagine the original vishwanath shivling in front of the nandi, now within the mosque.

  30. Dear Sir!!
    Om Namah Shivay...
    We are planning to have a Shiv Lingam at home request you to guide as to which is most suitable lingam to be worshipped at home i.e Sphatik,Parad or Narmadeshwar..Have understood the way we need to perform pooja for the lingam however a bit confused on which type to be kept at home & also do we require to perform pran prathishta on lingam kept at home also as we may change our residence in future & any home doesnt have the purest atmosphere always...Is it necessary to have Nandi & Sarpa also with the Linga..
    All above articles are very informative & helpful in its own way,
    Also does any of the three lingams need to be specific in its weight,height etc..

    Since Sharavan is on the verge which shall be the auspicous day for the Staphna for the Lingam..

    Please Advice..

    1. Narmadeshwar Shivling is best for home and u do not require any PRAN-PRATHISTA for it as it is PRE-PAID SHIVLINGAM.Nandi,SAARP is a must.
      width of all three fingers joined together of your right hand should be height of SHIV-LINGAM.
      best day is somvaar OF shravan or PRADOSH DAYS.

  31. Dear Sir!!!

    First of all, Thank you for publishing such a great blog and answering queries.

    I happened to surf this article today and did not know that 20th July was Shani Pradosham so i missed it.

    I have a number of queries and i apologize for the same before hand:

    1. I started doing fasts from 22nd July - Monday though its 1 day before start of Shravan, so is it more beneficial to start the Monday fast in shravan only?

    2. We have been worshiping a Black Stone shivling, yoni made of the same stone too for like ages and by Bole nath's grace, nothing bad has really happened and since my childhood i have been worshipping the similar shivling, so am a little confused. Its not that i am challenging what you said but just trying to understand what wrong are we doing.

    Looking forward towards your reply.


    1. If nothing unusal is happening you can do puja but fact is that you are just doing puja of ORNAMENTAL PIECE as it is without PRAN-PRATHISTA or in brief SOUL OF CONCERNED DEITY.
      SOMVAAR is best and GOOD day to start FASTING if they are of WAXING (GROWING-SHUKLA PAKSH) MOON.

    2. Dear Sir,

      I got Narmada shivling with brass yoni and naag stand which is 4 inches and also one 1 inch Narmada shivling which i want to keep with me for lord's blessings. I purchased it online so want to know how to determine whether it is Authentic or just a copy. Also, i wish to keep the small one with me so that i can meditate on it whenever i get time, so plz suggest is it ok. These are light grey with red mark on top and another one with a red swirl in the middle.

      Thanks much


    3. Also, please suggest how to check whether there is Lord's Pran-Vayu in it or not.

      Thanks much,

  32. I have a temple in the campus of my house where Shiv Ling along with Parvati,Ganesh,Kartikeya are residing and as far as i remember Pran Pratishtha has been done some 15 years back by my parents who are no more.

    I wish to shift entire Mahadev family along with Shiv Ling to a temple in my ancestral village. The idea behind this is that Mahadev"s family should be shifted to a sarvjanik temple where he can be daily worshiped properly,as i am myself not able to worship due to my posting else where and there is no plan to move in this house in future too.

    Kindly suggest what should i do and how to execute this.

    1. Do it now in SHRAVAN you will be benefitted by puja done by others of your temple.
      REMEMBER BY MOVING DEITY THE SOUL WILL LEAVE AT ONCE THEREFORE you need to do PRAN-PRATHISTA again by learbned old brahmins.

  33. Sir,I am Avik fom kolkata,i have black marble pranpratishthit shivalingam in my house.I am facing too much family problem since from that i could not do puja as according to rituals.i know i had done a big mistake.please,suggest me what should i do now?shall i immerse the lingam to river after doing all rituals by calling preist?or what please help...!!

    1. Just ASK forgiveness of LORD SHIVA as described before in BLOG and place the SHIV-LINGAM in ANY shivalaya TEMPLE of SHIVA under a tree or in building,where it will not be neglected for want of rituals as having puja done by others and you will benifit by it.
      If at all you want in home than have a NARMADA SHIV-LINGAM as it is of a COOL temperament of Lord and no special puja is required and only once in a day pouring of water and flowers is enough to please lord shiva the great.

  34. Im Krishna from Pune.
    I have a 4.5 feet Brass statue of Nataraja in my Home Since 2009.
    No pranapratishta as such was done but i used to bow to him with devotion every day.Everything was going fine.
    Then i got transferred to Pune in 2010 & had to relocate the Nataraja Statue to pune.
    Since then i have been facing lot of issues & complications in my family life.

    Some people advised me to remove the statue from home, i couldnot do it as my inner voice says that the lord statue should not be the reason for such problems in family.
    May be i have placed it in a wrong direction or in a wrong location.

    Can you please guide me on the directions/ location for the placement of Nataraja Statue and in case if any particular puja / ritual has to be done religiously ...

    1. Don't place statue in SE,SOUTH and SOUTH-WEST CORNERS OF YOUR HOUSE OR OF YOUR DRAWING ROOM OR even in MANDIR (TEMPLE)as where Lord is placed, these directions are AGNI TATVA and make LORD's temperament HOT so use NORTH OR NORTH EAST CORNER of your drawing room or house.Statue to face either west or northly directions.
      Specially on Mondays decorate with white flowers specially white LOTUS on lords feet and BILVA PATRAS on head and put CHANDAN TILAK on forhead ,dont offer red colored tilak or sindoor to lord Shiva.This will cool of most subtle and fiery LORD SHIVA.
      NATARAJA STATUTE is very auspicious if made of proper metals.

    2. What direction should the statue of Nataraja be facing? Cause I am planning to buy one for my home and will place it in north west corner of my living room, is it ok if the statue there is facing south-east direction?

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  36. Your Home Mandir

    According to Vastu, the Puja room should be designed carefully so that you gain the positive energies on meditation & worship and feel charged.

    The Puja room in your home should be in the east, the north or the north-east corner of the house.
    Puja room should not be in the south direction.
    The Puja mandir should not be in the bedroom.
    The Puja room should not be above, below or next to bathroom or kitchen.
    Puja room should not be built below the stairs
    The Puja room should have doors and windows in the north or the east.

    Vastu and arrangement/decoration of the Puja Room:

    A proper mandir should be placed in the east of the Puja room. Wood is the most prefered and auspicious material for building the mandir.
    The mandir can also be built using marble or other stones. Metal should not be used to build a pooja mandir.
    Lord idols made of metal can be placed in the wooden puja mandir. Special care should be taken to ensure that the metal used for in the lord idols should not be used to build the temple where the lord is placed as this is considered unauspicious.
    The Lord idols should be placed in the east and the west of the Puja mandir. The faces of the Lord should not be in the south.
    Lamp stand should be in the south-east or east corner of the puja room.
    The color of the walls of the Puja room should be white, light yellow or light blue.
    The floor should be of either white or light yellow color.
    White or light yellow marble work in the Puja room is considered auspicious.
    If an “Agnikund” is placed, it should be in the south-east direction of the puja room. The sacred offerings to the fire should be made with the face towards the east.
    Scenes from the Mahabharat, photographs of birds and animals should not be in the Puja room.
    The God idols should not be exactly in front of the entrance to the puja room.
    The Puja room should have a proper wood mandir that does not have metal components, wood along with marble are preferred materials for a puja mandir.
    The Lord’s idols in the puja room should not be damaged in any form.
    The idols should not be kept at a place obtained by chiseling off the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall.
    The Puja room should not be used as a storage room.
    The Puja room should preferably have a two shutter wooden door.
    The Puja room should not have any other marble statues for decorations.
    Statue of metals can be kept in the Puja room. No statue should be placed in front of the door.

    If you do not have the space to allocate an entire room for pooja, you can set up a small temple on the east wall of North-east zone.

    Important things about prayer room:-

    1. Deity or image of god should positioned in such a way that you face east while praying the god. West is the second choice.

    2. Place water in the copper pot at north east direction of the temple. Change this water daily.

    3. Light or diya should be placed in the south east of temple.

    4. Photographs (pictures) of the dead/ancestors should not be kept in the pooja room.

    5. Keep this room neat, clean and clutter free.

    6. This room should be strictly used for prayer and meditation.

    7. Due to shortage of space, some house have small wall temple kept in bed room or kitchen. Small curtain should be placed in front of it when not in use.

    8. Temple should not share the wall having toilet behind it.


  37. Respected Sir, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. I am 58 years lady
    and I have a small portion for worship in the north-east corner of
    kitchen. The only other place available is Drawing room and I did
    not arrange a worship place there as it is a common place and
    visited by many. I have a one inch long black Shivling which I keep
    immersed in water after doing abhishekam with clean tap water
    chanting "Om Sri Gowri Shankaraya Namah, Om Namah". Kindly
    advice if it is wrong in any way.


  39. I am Mohit from Ghaziabad. I buy Parad Shivling ( WITHOUT SILVER COATING ) from website. My Shivling colour is not bright but dull in colour. I want to know that original parad shivling colour is bright or dull & this website sell original parad shivling or not.


    1. There are no original PARAD-SHIVLINGS as there are people and company promoting such items to fleece you with your money.

  40. Respected Sir, in 2012 on mahashivratri I by mistake offered warm milk on the shivling in the temple... I am married. Since my husband is not much into puja-paath, he was offering puja seperaely and I was offering seperately. After this happned I realised what had gone wrong but it was too late. Next morning we had a big fight. At the same time since am a tula
    Rashi i am right now under the influence of saturn dhaiya. My marraige is in the worst state right now. I have a 3 yr old kid for whom I am still staying in this marraige. I feel that yhe mahashivratri puja that we did last year brought this to mh marrsige partly with the saturn dhaiya. Well the puja was my mistake and if my husband was doing yhe puja in whatever way he was doing I shld have touched his hand whatsoever. Maybe that is the reason we are seperate today in the same house. Please can you tell me dome remedy for the shakma from shivji..

    1. Keep PRADOSH VRATS and visit SHIVALAYA on all pradosh days in pradosh timings and ask forgiveness BY SHIV BABA and assistance by MAA PARVATI as during pradosh days and in pradosh time offering flowers,shingar and diya to divine universal PARENTS shall bring immediate relief in family matters.

    2. Thanks a lot Guruji for guiding me. I will always be grateful to you for the guidance you have provided me.e. Om namah shivay

    3. Respected Guruji, I need more guidance. As I am a working and I know that I have limitations in terms of time to do puja at home, I have not gone in for a shiv lingam but a photo of Shivji and Maa Parvati together and also have a statue of Shivji in black colour in the temple. I do puja eveyday by lighting an agarbatti and reading the hanuman chalisa, shani chalisa, Shiv Mul mantra 108 times and completing it by reciting Om Shantix3 11 times.

      I need to know if I am doing anything wrong here and the corrections in it. I do not offer any flowers but after reading you blog, I will start now.

      Sometimes due to time constraints, I just light the agarbatti and read all the chalisas in the car. I have them on my mobile phone, is that ok?

      2nd sep is the Som pradosh, so am going to start the vrat as guided by you.I have seen the vidhi you have mentioned above, but won't be able to do it that strictly. However I will be doing it with true heart. I will get uo early, take head bath, pray to Gods in my temple, will offer flowers and light a diya. Then will star the vrat. In the pradosh timing in evening, I will go to the Shiv temple near my office and offer jal, milk, bel, flowers ti shivlingam. Here how do I offer yhe shingar to Mata is something I wanted to know from you Also should i recite the Maha mrutunjay mantra in this vrat. Will break the vrat after that by eating at home.

      During the vrat can I have tea, fruits and milk. I have been keeping shravan vrats this way. Is it ok to keep Pradosh vrat also this way.If not, then please let me know.


  41. Namasteji Captain Saheb,
    I perform Shiva abhishek on Sundays only it is a Shiva Temple on a mountain top @ Ramdara Shivalaya, Loni Kalbhor, Pune. I just offer water and flowers and also light incense sticks.
    So also on previous occasions I would carry water on my head in a 10 litre plastic can, now by mercy of his lordship I carry it on my bike.I used to offer Bhasma abhishek by burning the dried cow dung cakes, now I have stopped doing it, but just offer fowers water and incense sticks, is that fine?
    In the following picture you can see the temple and the bel tree that I raised by offering water, the worst when I carried water about 10 litres, I would offer just 1 litre to Mahadev and rest for the bel tree is that an offending act on my part?

    1. Your consistency in PUJA is admirable,your all acts are fine as giving milk to undernourished child is more pious act accepted by god as GOD see the BHAAV (hidden emotions)rather than putting tonnes of milk on shivlings.Lord is pleased by few drops of pure COW milk.Giving water to BEL tree and is very auspicious.

  42. Dear Sir,

    Can we use earthenwares for offering Jal to Shivling in the absence of any prescribed vessel as above.

    Kindly suggest.

    Barkha Gupta

    1. Yes they are good but cannot be reused so it all depends upon how many you can buy and afford to use everytime.

  43. Dear Capt:

    I beg you to tell me If it is neccesary putting water on Shivling. I've usually done, I've put some drops of water on Lord, but Shivling is peeling off. What to do??

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Dear Brothers....

    I writte because I've felt attracted to Lord Shiva. I'm Lord Hanuman devote, and I feel Lord Shiva is God. I've got two small Shiva Lingams, and I've been doing puja (well...a simple puja) every day: just japa, chants, and put some drops of water on the lingams. Once a week I like to do a larger puja with abhishekam. However, my Lingams are peeling off because of the material. If I continue the lingams will be ruined. I got a new similar Lingam but the material is the If I do abhishekam it'll be ruined.

    I was told that I should ged rid of the Lingams, but I'm really scared and confused.

    Dear brothers ...what to do??? Could I worship the lingams without bathing it? Believe me, I do the best I can...I'm not hindustani, just a western man.

    I need guide...could you help me.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Javier,

      Why don't you purchase a Narmada Shivling from ebay. The material is stone so it would not peel off and daily worshiping with water and flowers alone is sufficient and you get Lord's blessings manifolds as in Shiv Puran, its mentioned that worshiping a Narmada Sivling is equivalent to worshiping thousands of other Shivlings.

      All the Best


    2. Shikha has answered your querry well. I am again requesting all readers to go thru this VERY FINE WRITTEN & EXPLAINED BLOG in depth as all solutions are lying with-in.
      Apart from clearing your many doubts ,it will help me in avoiding too repeatitive about issues.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. i have a small we perform puja to lord shiva photo frame which consists of lord shiva, parvathi, ganesh and subramanya swamy at home? if we do so, what is the puja precedure?

    somebody told we should not keep shiva photo in it right?
    if we keep photo, shall we do puja daily and have to light diya?

    since we kept that photo, my family members are facing health problems,we were not doing puja daily n not lighting duya daily except on saturday.please tell what mistakes we are doing regarding pooja..

    please give me solution...

    om namah shivaiah...



    ALSO FOR ALL NORTH INDIANS note PLS:- KARTIKAYE (MURUGAN / SUBRAMANYA) PUJA AND PHOTOS ARE FORBIDDEN FOR ALL RESIDENTS NORTH OF VINDHYA'S APPROX NORTH OF ANDHRA VIEW WHEN KARTIKAYE WENT IN ANGUISH TO SOUTH POST LOSING COMPETITION TO GANESH BEING PRATHAM PUJAYE (Ist to be worshipped),he has owned the dietyship of South India and cursed that any person residing north of Vindhyas keeping his PUJA/IDOL or worship will be devoid of PROGENY (Will suffer Childlessness) so pls take the corrective action.

    If u r residing south of andhra than u shud worship the photo daily with flowers and light diya at least in evening on all days.
    Pls note worshipping PHOTO is not very useful than Idols of Gods,you shud visit temples and perform puja at least once in a week

  49. I had noticed that people are only willing to ask questions and want solutions for their problem due to their SHORT-CUTs (without going thru this blog in full) which is not good as you are asking for ASPRIN when you may be needing ADVANCED anti-biotics,so it is my sincere advise to all to go fully thru BLOG and when ur still in doubt then ask remedy as those advance solutions will help many more without making this blog very lengthy n bore to go thru !!

  50. Visit for puja materials such as Rudraksha, Shaligram, Maha Meru, Japa Mala, Banalingam, Spatika, Parad, Yantras, Gomati Chakra, Shankh and various other divine materials.

  51. i have two white small shiv lingams at my home..which is kept aside asi i hav black small sized shiv lingams which is worshipped properly.. my question is it safe to keep white coloured shiv at home? white marble shiv lingams...

  52. can I plant a BEL plant in my balcony for constant supply of BELPTRA. It si getting impossible to get belpatra from market every day

  53. Sir, I am an Andhra Brahmin and a widow. Can I do Shivalinga abhishekam with plain water while reciting Shiva Ashtottara Nama on daily basis to the small black Shiva Linga I have that I purchased from a pooja store. I am confused as some of my relatives are advising me against it. I am an old lady and above all the restrictions
    that nature may put on a woman. kindly advice.

  54. sir , i am Amit from jodhpur
    can u please tell what are the correct times of day to offer water to linga


    1. Dear brother or sister: I'm western and I'm so scared about Lord Shiva devotion that I want to ged rid of my murtis and lingams. All words about rituals, sins, punishment...etc...make get scared. What can I do?? I

    2. This is a free world and everybody has right to follow his religious beliefs but TOO MUCH FREEDOM always has been cause of troubles and chaos...the word used are reflections of ones own self and personality...BS & RIDICULOUS are more worse in usage than RITUALS ...Hinduism as a religion is very broadminded and open for abuse, else can we afford to find a muslim saying any blasphemic words....for fear of life.. as Prophet Mohamed closed the chapter by declaring that Holy Quran cannot be replicated or edited by any human being.

      The Blog is a free service to be of informative nature and given as advisory not compulsion .Any person who do not like this blog can keep away from this blog or should make efforts to create a better blog...wherein by his efforts we also can be more informative as knowlege has know limits and bounds.

      You will be surprised to find hardly any temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is actually there in north of Vindhiyachal ranges.Hindus staying in USA or in other countries are not affected due to curse was only vis a vis to location of Vindhyas Range which finish off in India itself and crossing Oceans does change the effects of curses and boons.

      The above quoted words are written with very limited knowlegde which itself is also a problem in itself.We are here helping people to solve the problems and every deed and action is responsible for some thing in this world whether good or bad ,knowingly or unknowingly...irespective of purity of heart or thoughts else Sri Adishankracharya despite being GOD like character with utmost purity in deeds and character would not had died of PILES and bleeding from anal passage due to certain follies done unknowingly by him as a innocent child and explained by Lord Krishna himself to him that he has to bear the pain n death in this birth or next as there is no substitute of fruits n effects of GOOD or BAD actions wther knowingly and unkowingly and every person has to repay n clear his debts in GOD's balance sheet you cant get away with it by purity and logic how ever clear it may be !!

      Actually it is a waste of precious time for clarifying to a person who uses pseudo names and firstly afraid of revealing his identity !!!

    3. Dear Capt.: Thanks for your words really. I'm not using false names, that's my real name because I speak spanish and Javier is a spanish name. For me your religion is fascinating I respect it a lot, but you can't undersand what is having been born in a western christian society. When you have been educated in christianism, you have been given much of fear dear man. For me it has been a hard work to get better from it.

      For instance, Christian (I'm not christian) ortodox people belifef that Lord Shiva is the devil or Satan. I don't agree with them. For me Lord Shiva is God.

      Dear Capt: If I ask here is because I'm an ignorant about your precious religion. I don't ask in order to ridicule yor religion but in order to learn about it. Here in Colombia is almost impossible to get information because here "hinduism" has been identified with "Hare Krishna" movement.

      I'm so sorry asking here. I could't make myself understood.

      If I say that I'm afraid about Lord Shiva is a simple and stupid feeling from my idiot mind.

      I'm so sorry for offending you. It's the differences among our western and eastern mind. But Lord hasn't got any differences.

      I only wanted to know how to worship Lord by Lord Shiva and Hanuman faces...and due to I'm western I'm and ignorant.

      I'm sorry

    4. Dear Capt I'm not «JAI EKLING NATH!». My name's Javier as I've written here, and you should feel proud of Lord Shiva, Who has western devotes.

    5. Dear Javier, I had written the comments for Mr EK-LINGNATH,not for you.
      As Lord Shiva is controller of death and destruction so generally people are afraid of him.Surprisingly he is most easy to please and simplest Lord Supreme.The devil n Goodness both are under his control and equal for him as he do not differentiate between good and bad people and with simple rituals can be easily pleased.The enourmous energy of universe is his wife called Shakti and most AUSPICIOUS of all Gods is his son Ganesha !! So if you follow proper procedures called rituals he is very very easy to please and no other POWER of world however strong it may be can cause EVIL influence on his BHAKT or devotee who has pleased LORD SHIVA the supreme.Pls note one shud not indulge in bad activities after attaining pleasures and boons by LORD SHIVA as was done by RAVAAN and others.

    6. Dear Capt:
      Thanks a lot for your answer. I just pray Lord Shiva and make japa. From monday to friday it is very difficult for me making rituals because of the time and I don't really know how to worship Lord Shiva. Every day I pray Lord and repeat His name. Besides, I'm Lord Hanuman devote and I try to chant His Chalisa every day, and I tray to perform a ritual on saturday. I guess the most important is Love and Devotion. Could you suggest me something please? Thanks thanks a lot.


    7. First and foremost remember invoking shree Ganesha by this mantra:

      Shuklaambaradaram Vishnum, Sashivarnum chaturbhujam,
      Prasannavadanam dhyayet, Sarva vighnopashantaye.

      Meaning: Lord Ganesh, who wears a white garment, who is all-pervading, who has a bright complexion, who has four arms, who has an ever smiling face,
      upon that God, I meditate for removal of all obstacles.

      Vakra-Tunda-Mahakaaya, Surya-Koti-Sam-Prabhah.
      Nirvighnam-Kuru-Me-Deva, Subha-Karyeshu-Sarvadaa.

      Meaning: O elephant headed and large bodied Lord, radiant as a thousand Suns, Iask for your grace so that this task that I am starting may complete without any hindrances.

      2.Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshvara
      Gurur Shashaath Para-Brahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah

      I prostrate to that Sri Guru, who is himself Brahma, Vishnu, and God Maheshvara, and who is verily the Supreme Absolute itself.

      Now bow to your parents either in mind or physically if possible.

      :I will try to send you a small portable Narmada Shivling set with Nandi,of which you can just do puja by pouring pure ice cold chilled water after you complete your morning rituals and bathSAYING this mantra :Gange cha Yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswati,Narmade Sindhu Kaveri jalesmin sannidhim kuru.
      In this water, I invoke the presence of holy waters
      from the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu
      and Kaveri .
      Put one white flower on top of shilingam and nandi..say OM NAMAYE SHIVAYE 21 times ..thats it !!
      At the end of this ask forgiveness by chanting this mantra.........

      Karpuura-Gauram Karunna-Avataaram
      Samsaara-Saaram Bhujage[a-I]ndra-Haaram |
      Sadaa-Vasantam Hrdaya-Aravinde
      Bhavam Bhavaanii-Sahitam Namaami ||

      1: Pure White like Camphor, an Incarnation of Compassion,
      2: The Essence of Worldly Existence, Whose Garland is the King of Serpents,
      3: Always Dwelling inside the Lotus of my Heart.
      4: I Bow to Shiva and Shakti Together.

      Kara Charana kritam vaak kaayajam karmajam vaa
      Shravana nayanajam vaa maanasam vaa (a) praadham
      Vihitamvihitam vaa savametat kshmasva
      Jaya jaya karunaabdhe Shree Mahadeva Shambho

      Meaning: Oh Lord kindly forgive my wrong actions done knowin
      gly or unknowingly,either through my organs of action (hand, feet, spe
      ech) or through my
      organs of perception (eyes, ears) or by my mind. Glory unto Thee O Lord,
      who is the ocean of kindness.


      bow before sri-ram and sita and chat this before hanuman chalisaa:-

      Aapdampahartaram dataram sarvsampdam , Lokabhiramam SriRamam bhuyo bhuyo namamyaham |
      Ramay Rambhadray Ramchandray manase , Ragunathay nathay Sitay pataye namh.....

      Now bow 2 Hanuman and chat this :

      Manojavam maruta tulya vegam, jitendriyam buddhi mataam varishtham
      vaataatmajam vaanara yooth mukhyam, shree raama dootam sharnam prapadye.

      Meaning :Let me pray to the one who is swift as thought (manojavam-), the one who is more powerful than the wind (marut.tulya.vegam-), the one who has conquered his senses (jitendriyam-), the one who is supreme among all intelligent beings, the son of the wind-god (vaataatmajam-), the commander of the army of forest creatures (vaanar.yooth.mukhyam-), Let me find refuge in Lord Rama's Messenger, the incomparable Lord Hanuman. Please accept me and my prayers at your feet.

      RECITE HANUMAN CHALISA and at end offer one HOLY BASIL LEAF called TULSI on his mouth or head....never at his feet !!! ASK for forgiviness for any knowingly or unkowningly mistakes of prayers..and BOON and WISH want you specific and ask for a clean wish for welfare of yourself,family and your near and dear ones.

      Lighting lamp in evening of tuesdays n saturday is essential for HANUMAN PUJA .
      JAI SITA-RAM !!!

    9. Dear Capt

      God bless you ever. You have helped me a lot because I don't have any guide.

      For me it's easier to make Lord Hanuman's puja on saturday than tuesday and saturday. I've read that thursday is an auspicious day for Lord Hanuman and Shiva, too. Isnt it?

      I'll try to do the best I can. You know, I'm western and our life is terrible (strees, etc.).

      I'd be very thankful If you send a portable Narmada Shivling.

      Let Lord Shiva and Hanuman bless you. Thanks for your help. Believe me.

      Give me ur address where I can send the Shivlingam to you.

    11. Dear Capt: I'm sorry I couldn't reply you before; I was on a trip. I'm very grateful to you and you don't imagine how I desire the lingam.

      My address is: 89 Street No. 24-129 Barrio Diamante II. Bucaramanga, Colombia

      The city name is Bucaramanga and the country is Colombia.


      Due to we speak spanish this is the appropiate address:

      Calle 89 No. 24-129, Barrio Diamante II, Bucaramanga (Colombia)

      Dear Capt please, please, please, don't forget me. I really appreciate this favor. I'm looking forward to worship Lord in this Lingam.

      God bless you


    12. Dear Capt: My city (Bucaramanga) postal code is:


      Thanks a lot again


    13. As I am at outstation, therefore ur parcel will be dispatched in Jan/ Feb 2014.regds

    14. Dear Capt...ok...I will await. I hope I can get It for Maha-Shivaratri.

      God bless you. Thanks a lot.


    15. I had dispatched your NARMADA SHIVLINGAM by DTDC couriers and it has returned back with remarks that I needs clearance by Archeological dept.However Am trying it once again by Govt Post or by giving a certificate.

    16. Today again,I have booked your item vide AIRWAY BILL N95033318 Dated 13-02-2014 by DTDC COURIER & CARGO LIMITED.They had charged about 33 US $ for shipment with a service delivery with in 04 working days (excluding SAT,SUNDAYS & Holidays).Hope you will receive them intact.Offer RAW n chilled cow milk while installing Lingam.Thereafter wash it with plain ice cool water n follw procedures as described. God Bless...OM NAMAH SHIVAYE !!!

    17. Dear Capt JS:

      May Lord Shiva bless you forever. I'm looking forward for the Shiva Linga,

      Thanks a lot!! Thank you so much!! I'm very afraid but thankful!!

  56. Respected Guruji,
    I have question someone ask to me do not offer cow milk in copper pot.
    they said i offer a milk in a copper pot, it's like offering posion to mahadev.
    is it right they said ?.

  57. Yes u shud not offer milk or curd in copper or brass vessels..and can use gold or silver vessels or spoons to do puja..yes it is rightly said,as there is already much HALAHAL (intense poison) in Lords Throat...thats why we call him NEELKANTH...any offerings that reduce his agony and burning sensations caused by this poison in his throat are happily accepted and pleases him faster than other items !! Thats why I rec ice-cool water and bel leaves as an offering on Shivlingam.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Rituals, Prayers, Attitude:

    There is nothing wrong with rituals.
    In fact the rituals make this Dharma great. So do prayers.
    Just take the example of penicillin. If you have a headache
    and you take penicillin, it is overkill. You have to take specific medicin
    es for specific ailments. Like that, you have specific prayers for specific occasions. If you have an eyeproblem, I can invoke Ishwara as a Devata presiding over eyes.
    There is only Ishwara but there are different manifestations. It also depends on
    how we see them. There are eyes your eyes, my eyes, eyes of owl, lizard etc.
    Not all see it the same way.
    That is why Indian rituals are the greatest. The Vedic rituals are not ordinary.
    Everything is a form, your language is a form,namaste is a form, your dress is a form.

    We need to have healthy attitudes. Attitudes really help
    us. You know 90% of our problems can be attributed to improper attitudes.
    Because when I have to put up with situations that are unpleasant, I murmur,
    I become violent, angry,sad. But we have to face it calmly, dispassionately. We requ
    ire composure and self-respect that can accommodate human limitations and ad
    dress them.Accommodation does not mean you do not respect, accommodation is you don't condemn the people, at the same time you address the limitations of the
    people, correct them, help them, you correct yourself, learning from situations.
    So, this is what is required: Attitude.
    Attitude comes from understanding. Like your attitude towards money is to
    understand what exactly is money. For us money is Lakshmi - without looking
    down upon it. And we don't look at Her as everything. There is also Saraswathi.
    She is playing veena. She does not care whether you come to her or not. But
    she knows that Lakshmi won't do much to you, unless you have Saraswathi.
    So, healthy attitudes will help us. That's what spirituality is.
    That means we have to understand Ishwara.
    We have to understand 'Karma' and 'Karma Phala'.

    From excerpt of :- Swami Dayanda Saraswati, ArshaVidya

  60. Namaste,

    we were told to do Shivling sthaapana at any temple (we went to one person and he told us that my purkhaa was worshipping shiva. Now the shiv ling i.e. that stone is khandit and that is why we are facing some problems. Info is correct from him as my grandfather had kept stones near to one taal and started worshipping them. Now we need to do sthaapana of shiv-ling at some other place as we rarely go to our village. We zeroed in to the temple which is a public place and I am going to purchase the shivlingam. I am confused regarding color/stone of shiv-ling. I am thinking of purchasing the white shivling and its ling size should be 1 and 1/4 feet. I was told by one person that if there will be the disrespect of shiv ji by anyone then we are the one who will have to face the wrath. besides Brahmins are not allowed to do the sthaapana of shiva. its Gurav samaaj(I think Shaivas are also called as Guravs - he said that they always wear silver shivling as pendant) who are allowed to do that.. I am confused and I am in dilemma whether I should go for it or not. Pandit ji said that we should just go for maha rudra paath and then we should do visarjan of khandit shivling in ganga.. thats it and it will be done, no need for shivling sthaapana ..seeking help!..Hopefully you will read it today and I will get the answer by tonight! I have to leave either tonight or tomorrow. Besides that I got to know that we need to keep shiv-ling for 3 days in different things before sthaapana.. we haveplanned to do praan-pratishthaa on kaartik-poornima.
    Gaurav Mishra, Gwalior

  61. Go to Haridwar and on banks of GANGES RIVER @ KANKHAL the Narmedeshwar Shivling stapana with rudrabhishek by COW milk..under guidance by any Brahmin of 40 yrs old and above which you will find plenty there do it near temple of SATI where was burnt in HAWAAN by DAKSH,preferably under a tree,construct a yoni and place a nandi and trishool also with Shiv-lingam.
    Khandit Shivlingam can be dispersed in ganga there itself...OM NAMAYE SHIVAYE !!!

    There everyday 1000 of people disperse GANAGA JAL on such Shivlings thus causing no dis-respect to if any day your shivlingam is not taken care with RITUALS .....then the effects are negative for the person who installed it ,I hope you understand the gravity of my statements.

  62. Respected Guruji,
    in narmada shiva linga 's diffrent types are there.most of the websites showing dark grey color with red color on top.but there are full red color pattern and black color also there in some websites.which one is best in these types.and what is the significance of black narmada lingam?
    in sphatika lingam there are two types are there
    one is like banalingam and another one is lingam with yoni base.
    is there any diffrence in there.

    1. White Shivlingams are meant and useful for Scholars n Brahmins for knowledge gains.
      Red for Warriors and Kshatriyas for body n weapon strength
      Brown for more useful to Bussiness and vendors
      Black for All starta of Society and useful for all.

      Banalingam or Narmedeshwar is BEST as given No. 4 & 6 sequence if counted CLOCKWISE as given in START- PAGE of this BLOG's pic.for everybody.

      Yoni base is bought seperately as only lingam form is available.

      Spatika - Sativik purpose :NO NON VEG NO SEX ONLY FOR SAINTS
      Narmada - Divik FOR NORMAL HOUSEHOLDS

    2. Anyway Yoni ,NAAG and Nandi,Trident are must for all types of Shivlingams.

  63. thanks for sharing such a useful type of information.

  64. Thank U so Much for sharing... Very helpful information... Thanks again sir....

  65. Namaste,

    I purchased Narmada Shivling online without yoni base or stand. So I just placed the shivling flat in my puja room. Is this ok? Daily, before sunrise, I do puja by water abhishek and put sandal wood paste on the lingam and chant one mala of Om namah Shivaya.


  66. Shiva Lingam protected by the Sheshnag has been chiseled out of brass in a most graceful manner and the figure contains lot of fine carvings. A figures of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva Lingam, are also been nicely carved out. The brass figure reveals a number of sculptural features and the figure of the serpent is being treated exceptionally good. Shiva lingams are considered sacred by the Hindus and are worshipped with devotion.

  67. can we use swarnapushpam or bel patra in silver in lieu of bil leaves (where not available) what is the pros n cons

  68. can we use swarnapushpam or bel patra in silver in lieu of bil leaves (where not available) what is the pros n cons

    1. you can use anything for shivpuja as long as it is not cursed like (KEWRA & CHAMPAA) Flowers.Pro: only manas puja acceptance if in dire state you are not having any means to procure real flowers and bel patras.
      Cons: You cannot get actual benefits by offering real flowers and bel patras. and more so ever you cannot remove and take back them after puja for repetitions of act from shiv-lingam as it is the property you cannot inherit and you may get malefic results.You have 2 be LAXMI MITTAL to offer everyday new GOLD/SILVER pushpam n patras.

  69. DEAR SIR,
    MOBILE NO: 09898554649 (O) 079-22814649

  70. Dear Sir,

    Is it okay if Bana Lings is kept along with Saligrama while offering Abhisheka and Puja Vidhi.

    1. They can be placed in same altar but never offered same ABHISHEK water as it is total different procedure all together.(tulsi & counch are never used in Shiv puja).
      Yes but keeping both of them together after abhishek and puja is very very auspicious and a house is considered blessed.

  71. Brahma Muraari Suraarchita Lingam
    Nirmala Bhashita Shobhita Lingam
    Janmaja Dukha Vinaashaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Devamuni Pravaraarchita Lingam
    Kaamadaham Karunaakara Lingam
    Raavana Darpa Vinaashaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sada Shiva Lingam

    Sarva Sugandha Sulepitha Lingam
    Buddhi Vivardhana Kaarana Lingam
    Siddha Suraasura Vanditha Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Kanaka Mahaamani Bhushitha Lingam
    Phanipathi Veshtitha Shobhitha Lingam
    Daksha Suyajna Vinaashaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Kumkuma Chandana Lepitha Lingam
    Pankaja Haara Sushobhitha Lingam
    Sanchitha Paapa Vinaashaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Devaganaarchitha Sevitha Lingam
    Bhaavair Bhakti Bhir Evacha Lingam
    Dinakara Koti Prabhakara Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Ashta Dalopari Veshtitha Lingam
    Sarva Samudbhava Kaarana Lingam
    Ashta Daridra Vinaashaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

    Suraguru Suravara Pujitha Lingam
    Suravana Pushpa Sadaarchitha Lingam
    Paraatparam Paramatmaka Lingam
    Tat Pranamaami Sadaa Shiva Lingam

  72. Dear Capt:

    I've written you before about my devotion because I'm western and here there is a lot of ignorance abot hinduism.

    Dear Abilash...due to that ignorance I've just realized that I've been making a big mistake: I've offered champa flowers to Lord Shiva. Am I cursed because of that??? What can I do?

    I did that thing but unkowing that was not correct. I didn't have any idea what champa flowers are...only today

    Could you help me? Is it possible Lord Shiva rejects the whole devotion I've worshipped??

    Please brother tell me something



  73. No,Lord Shiva will not accept your PUJA with Champa Flowers as of TIME YOU OFFER THAT PUJA.
    However your past,present and future devotion will not be affected.
    Also Lord Shiva has accepted your devotion as with gr8 difficulty and more than 03 point checks in Mumbai,Chennai & finally in Bangalore your Narmada Shivlingam is cleared and latest status is as under at today 6:AM
    Hope you will receive well before Mahashiv-ratri which you shud celeberate keeping fast and puja of Lord Shivlingam with Nandi.

    Monday, February 17, 2014
    Scheduled For Movement, Leipzig - Germany LEIPZIG 06:00 AM
    To: US for Colombia.

    1. Dear Capt

      Thanks for your words. I appreciate your help so much. It's like you can understand my devotion feelings and needs of worship. I hope Lord Shiva has accepted my devotion.

      May Lord Shiva bless you forever.


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  75. Dear Capt:

    I'm Javier again. I forgot to ask you If I might offer Lord some peepal leaves because here in my country none can't get any BelPatra leaf. Here we have peepal trees but no BelPatra. Thanks again


  76. Dear Javier,
    Dont do that and beware never touch PEEPAL TREE OR LEAVES on all days except on Saturdays that also from sunrise to sunset only.Just offer milk,flowers & plain chilled water.You can use BHAANG or CROWN FLOWER LEAVES.This you will get ample in your place.Flower you can use Mexican Oleander.
    Depart Facility, Cincinnati Hub - United States Of America CINCINNATI HUB 05:11 AM
    Arrived Facility, Miami Gateway - United States Of America MIAMI GATEWAY 07:13 AM

    1. Dear Capt

      I've received the Holy Lingam today...It's just beautiful!!!! It's a dream come true!! Thanks a Lot for this, I don't know how to return or pay for this. Besides, I could get a rudraksha mala here, and that's very difficult !! I appreciate too much your help and the fact you have helped me. May our Lord Shiva bless you!!!



      PD. Should the brass be bathed when one make the abhishek?? how to avoid the brass get rustted?

  77. Dear Capt

    Thanks a lot brother for youw answer and for inform me Shiv-Lingam Status. Blessings,


  78. Yes brass also needs to be bathed with NAAG,base & Yoni stand fitted and SHIVLINGAM place on top of it.Nandi needs to bathed separately.
    For cleaning brass,do it once in a week (on Sunday evenings).
    Mix Tamarind paste with clean fine sand from riverbed or seashore and rub it all over brass surface.Not on LINGAM.This will act like an abrasive in natural form and remove all rust and oxides from brass surface.After this wash brass with lukewarm water and dry with clean white cloth which need to be used only for service of Lord and keep it safe for separately.

    You can make necklace of 11 crown flowers and offer it to lord and replace it with fresh one every Monday till such time you get your mini rudraksh beads necklace and Ganges water.

    1. Thanks again for the answer. I'll do the best I can


  79. hello sir
    we have a dream to buy a house but financially not so strong can you please some some pooja with whuch we can buy land/house

  80. hello sir
    i live in bangalore,we have a dream to buy a house but financially not so strong.can you please suggest some pooja with which we can buy land/house and improve by all means.

    1. Offer Ganapti 21 durwa grass post 11 or 21 ladoos made of jaggery every tuesday morning ask your Wish will see marked difference in ur life.

    2. Thank you very much sir i will do it.
      sorry sir one small doubt
      should i do it at home or in the temple and for how many tuesdays should i offer the ladoos as prasada to ganesha.

  81. Hello sir
    Do u do shiv abhishk if send the required amount and name and nakshtra .
    In temples they use packet cow milk

  82. Thank u Sir...It was just gr8 to read your blog because I didn't know much on Shiv Lingam. I have made mistake in the past by putting a lingam at my home which is not good as per your saying. Now I'm going to rectify this mistake. By the way can I immerse it in the sea...Thanks a ton...

    1. Sure you far as keeping Shivlingam in home the natural Narmada are cheapest n best and very safe to worship.

  83. Hello Sir, well I have another question. Can we place Lord Shiva portrait at home for performing puja instead of the Shiva Lingam..

    1. Puja of portrait is only symbolic as you have 2 do idol puja and for Shiv puja shivling puja is the best described.

  84. It is believed that although Baanlingam / Narmadeshwar Lingam is auspicious and the best form of worshiping Lord Shiva, one should always keep the rituals on going for generations to generations, otherwise it destroys the Family, if worship is stopped. Therefore, we should start worshiping it only if we are 100% sure that the worship will continue generations after generations. Please guide on this belief.

    1. If you go too much into intricate details, you will end up only fearing at each and every step. When you perform pooja out of fear it will never yield any benefits.
      There are instances when certain people who migrate to countries like australia, they dont even get flowers to perform pooja and the houses where people stay has the carpet laid on the floor which cant be washed. In such cases does it mean that the whole of australia cant perform pooja.
      I will quote any instance where a spiritual leader in westindies has offered wine and his own blood to lord shiva and he has experienced lord shiva appearing in front of him.
      My way of doing pooja is very basic. I clean parad shiv ling everyday with cold water and chant shiv mantra 108 times, believe me i have seen miracles. Be a good human being first and the only thing god requires is faith and devotion towards him and not your rituals.

  85. Anything and everything is acceptable to Lord Shiva except 02 flowers.Rituals are symbolic offerings to the Gods as done with any guest arriving in Hindu family and it is all upto one whether you offer them bath, cloth, food and beeda or devoid them of your services.As far as karma cycle by Sri Krishna..says nothing comes free in life you have 2 part with ur something DEAR to gain anything MORE than you are destined. So this RITUALS are made..however few scrupulous Priests with ulterior motive of greed had them distorted.
    Surprisingly one is contradicting by following regularily Offer of cold water bath and chanting mantras with particular regular numerical value and calling it is not a ritual..little knowledge is always misleadingly.Goofness is always Godliness...n puja without devotion and faith is just SELFISH motives n shortcuts.

  86. Pls read goodness not goofness being clerical error nd sincerely regretted.

  87. hello sir,
    can you please let me know all about lighting lamp
    what is timing for deeparadhana in the mornings and evenings.can we do it only in the evenings if we are not able to do in the morning.
    how many wicks should be used and what direction should the wicks face.

    1. Minimum 02 wicks.Best time is 01 Hr before sunrise to sunrise and Pradosh Kaal i.e. SUNSET TO 1.30 HRS. Wick shud always face towards idol or E / NE directions.Evening is better than morning and can suffice for whole day.

  88. namasthe guruji,
    i was told to perform abhishekam to lord shiva for 9 thursdays for success, but there is no shiva temple nearby.So can i buy a shivalinga and do it on my own at my home?
    can you please let me know the simple procedure of performing abhisheka and what are the suitable timings as i have 2 small kids aged below 5 years.
    thanking you

    1. Yes you can buy Shivlingam for home but it should be from Narmada stone else you are prohibited to install normal shivlingam in homes.Early morning 1 hr before sunrise to sunrise is best for Shivling abhishekam.Simple chilled clean water with ganga jal added can be poured on shivlingam with chants of shiv-panchakshari mantra i.e. OM NAMAYE SHIVAYE (11,21,51,108) counts is the simplest puja ,beware to dispose water properly after you complete your abhishekam.

  89. sir - very informative post. i am trying to purchase narmadeshwar shivling" from rediff. would really value your opinion please.|alsoview

    1. It is good except that it should cost you between 250-500 Rs.Also don't forget to buy Nandi of marble or astha metal & Trishul..which can be made by local jewelers of silver/astha metals.As far as the colour and texture are concerned than from BLOG-PROFILE Photos going anti-clockwise 2 & 3rd one are flawless and good.

  90. Hello Capt JS,
    I live in Kenya and my question is similar to one asked by previous bloggers. I use to keep 2 small shiv lingam, one made of spatika and other normal metal with nandhi. After i heard that we cannot keep shiv linga other than narmeshawar lingam, i did my final pooja of shiv lingam with nandhi and then remove from my temple and kept in my drawer wrapped in a clean and new cloth thinking that when i go to india, probably immerse the shiv lingam in some river or in ganges whenever i visit this sacred places. Is it okay to do this way?

    1. Yes you can reinstall them under any tree near Ganges or Narmada river banks or place in any big SHIVALAYA where somebody shud offer water abhishek to lingam daily.What about other lingam ?? Keeping them in drawer is no problem.However to install them and offer puja in HOME without proper guidance and procedures is a problem.

  91. sir, shall i worship bronze shivalinga at my home, K.P. CHANDRA SHEKAR

    1. No pls,ref to my earlier posts for clarification.

  92. HELO SIR,
    Yesterday I purchased one bronze shivalinga from one shop, Today I have istalled in pooja room and started pooja. after that i saw this site and read all the informations, what shall i do sir.

  93. Instead of puja room shift them to drawing room as ornamental idols.If you are highly dedicated to LORD SHIVA then pls buy on genuine Narmada Shivling with accessories and start puja from SHUKL PAKSH SOMVAAR.

  94. Dear sir, unknowingly my husband drank the abhishek water of parad shuvling after doing rituals. He also offered tulsi leaves. Later entire family drank the abhishek water. Pls help

  95. Don't worry.. unknowingly doing something is a sin of lessor value..just offer Ksmaprarthana to Lord Shiva as offered by Sri-Sankracharya for continuous 40 days after normal puja in morning.

  96. good evening sir...recently i bought small sphatika Lingam and keep in pooja room. i need some advice, if i need to do any pooja or anything with kind of blur..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. I have an idol of shiva of metal made 12.5 inch long with trishul and snack in his neck at my home pooja ghar and also my pooja ghar is in badroom due to some space problem pl advice me if the length of god shiva is ok or not and place of mandir is okor not pl advice


  98. I have purchased a white marble shiv long a for home puja and offered simple puja on Monday
    So can I return it to the shoap from where I purchased as I also want to through the narmadeshwar linga puja or else?

  99. Dear sir, I have a Shiva Lingam in the temple in my house.It is made of Black/Dark Grey marble.Every Monday morning, I perform Shiv Pooja, after bathing the same with Water,Ganga Jal, Dahi, Honey, Sugar ,Ittra and Milk and offer flowers and Ankh ke Patte. While washing, I remove the shiv Lingam from its place and then put it back and worship and perform Puja.As the shiv Lingham is moved from its place,for bath,every monday morning, am I doing anything wrong.
    In my temple, I also have a shiv-Parvati white marble stone Murti with Ganesh, Kartikaya and Nandi in it. Please tell me the following:-

    1) Is it good to have a Shiva Lingham at home, with statues of Shiva - Parvati-Ganesh-Kartikaya-Nandi.
    2) Is it okay if its water clearing side is facing North.
    3) The statue of Shiv-Parvati-Ganesh-Kartikaya-Nandi is kept in such a way,towards East side,with their faces facing towards West,towards me when I pray looking at them.
    4) Somebody has suggested that since the shiv Lingham is alone, there could be some atmas entering my house and I should leave the shiv Lingham at some temple,but I also have the Shiva family in the temple.

    Please advise. I shall be grateful as I am quite confused and scared.

  100. Dear Sir,

    Knowingly or unknowingly iam very fond of Shiva Linga for a long time. i brought a Linga in Mercury in small size.i stopped myself having non veg after i brought.Every day i do abhishekam with water and keep flower and do pooja.

    i read ur article not have any form of linga's at home.But i was in deep love with HIM almost 6 years now. I dont want to give it some where.

    Iam a born christian now attracted with Hindu philosopy

    Pls help me what should i do..

  101. I sincerely apologise delay due to unexpected death of my beloved mother and 40 days Sutak & Patak dosha I cannot answer religious queries before 12 June . Regards
    Capt Chauhan

  102. Dear Capt Sir ,

    Kindly guide weather we can do in our house Shiva Pradosha Puja with Small Spatika Lingam and Dattatreya Panchaloha small Idol by reading only Panchakshari and other normal stotras , Do abhishekam with milk , curd , honey , ghee , water , sandle wood water , by Chanting Panchakshiri and Purushasuktham Then do Shata nama puja . After comleating take the Prasadam of abhisheka Teerrtham , .Kindly confirm. Regards Charlu

    1. No it is better to go to Temple or else you have 2 install Banalingam for full effect.

  103. Now-a-days many type of jewellery avilable in markets. Here I get wonderful and fabulous silver jewellery. I like this design.silver pooja articles bangalore

  104. Wow !! You have explained it well. I have also shared the same article about Parad Shivling Worship procedure and benefits. Have a visit sometime and explore more knowledge. Let me give you the reference - Parad Shivling benefits

  105. Dear Sir,

    I have a Spatika linga for which I was doing water abhisheka at home daily. I want to stop this as I may not be doing it the right way. Can I immerse it in a river after offering a mental prayer and apology

  106. Dear sir, I have a parad shivling at my home from last few years, as I read you last replies ,after reading I be worried as I do pujan but in 2-3 months wash them with water and in doing so I removed and after wash put on parad shivlingam back...once I take parad shivligam to maha kumba , Allahabad for visarjan as some one told me not to put lingam at home,but due to my attachment to parad shivlingam I could not do visarjan....but after giving bath in maha kumbha I take back my parad shiv lingam at home.....kindly tell me what to do,as I never even think to desimate my lord shivalingam......

  107. Hi Sir
    Can I recite namakam and chamakam without abhisek at home.

  108. Hello Sir,
    I am from Delhi , I was transferred to gujarat. We me and mywife have a deep belief in Lord Shiva, once my wife went to Dwarka- Gujarat.From there she brought one 1 black stone Shiv ling, 1 black tortoise and 1 black stone Nandi ji, We placed all these in Tulsi pot on a small white marble piece , in parking area outside but within house premises.. My wife used to pray, put fresh water, bel patra etc daily.. Now I remember those days we had a lot of problems, our relation, diseases, money loss, no savings . In the mean time we purchased a new house there itself, and we did same thing again.. we took Shiv Ling and others with us & put the all again in same Tulsi pot in new house too at same location means outside house in parking area in Tulsi pot. ... Now we faced even more problems my wife got very sick,myself too health problems, no money, bad relations between me and my wife, height is we had to leave that house as I was transferred back to delhi, my kids didn’t get admission in delhi so I have to stay in Gurgaon in a rented house now here I have to spent even more money ..with our own property in 3 states of india we are living on rent and facing lots of problems.. i am doing a job . i am facing lot prblms... the Shiv Ling is still there where we left...I given my Gujarat house on rent but Shiv Ling and others are still there. But no one praying them.. what should i do .... Please suggest me..should I leave them in a river or what should I do.. during writing this i am in gujarat on an official trip and can go to my house. I understand Lord Shiva never wants to hurt us but may be unknowingly we made them angry. My wife does fast on Mondays for Shiva. Everything we do . Please can you guide us.